Friday, 12 August 2016


Oh, Amsterdam...

Last week I took a break with my friends from university and we went to travel the beautiful city of wonders that is Amsterdam during Pride week. Amsterdam is the most sensational city I have ever been to.  The feeling of anything goes and anything can happen just resonates with you as soon as you step off that plane. 

Amsterdam has more than 150 canals, 1250 bridges, 170 nationalities, 500 red light windows, thousands of nooks and crannies of coffee shops and souvenir shops and millions of bikes. Although there is so much going on around you, it never ever feels crowded, never any shred of anxiety when walking through all the different people from different walks of life just living peacefully and blissfully amongst one another.

one of many cannals

Amsterdam is the city of love, acceptance and freedom.  Walking through the pride street party, I was overwhelmed by happiness and love. There was no sense of being afraid to be exactly who you are.  Every single person was bursting with individuality and it was so sensational to see people expressing themselves and their sexuality without fear. Proud to love, love freely and openly. Always.

Pride <3

The city of history, architecture and art.  The Rijksmuseum had the most stunning architecture I had ever seen, being someone who adores art, it was my haven. If you are an artist of just an art appreciator, the Rijksmuseum needs to be on everyone’s to-do list. The Van Gough museum was visually stunning also.  However, the ultimate highlight of the tourist attractions for me was the Anne Frank House.  Myself and three of my friends waited an hour and a half (didn’t feel that long as we had our witty banter to pass the time). The struggle and the beauty of Anne Frank’s strength is inspiring to no end.  The way the museum handled the house and the possessions of Anne Frank and that of her family was so respectful and beautiful to see.  It brought a tear to my eye as it is very real and you are taken back to that time, to really try to understand the struggle that was all too real for Anne Frank herself.

so beautiful.
The city itself was just magical, there was no sense of obligations, you could just wander the streets, admiring the beauty through the sunny days and the long nights. Enjoy the pleasures in life of friends, laughter, sex, art, architecture, cuisine (oh the food… Wok to Walk was my personal favourite, so delicious!), and so much more.

Riding bikes through Vondelpark

Obviously, in Amsterdam there are a few things that are legal, that is not in the UK. Myself and my friends took a peak in the red light district and the coffee shops and I have come to the realisation that Amsterdam is the most accepting and chilled out city. Britain, I have found, can be a little bit of a prude. It is the exact opposite in Amsterdam. There is no shame and at first, I’ll admit it is strange to see, but it really is an eye opener to see the beliefs of another country. That to which is so different from my own. In all honestly, sex is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a perfectly natural thing to do (further blog post on this topic)

funky art on the walls in our hotel.

Thank you Amsterdam for opening my eyes and my heart, I will see you soon.


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