Saturday, 16 July 2016


For those of you who don’t know, I am studying English and Psychology at university.  I am halfway through university and I feel like there are lessons I have taken on board that I want to share with you guys.

1.     You will find a lot about the diversity of people.  For example, I was not very educated on the subject of gender. One of the bravest people I know and a best friend of mine is transgender.  It is amazing to see how much he has grown in the past 10 months.  His strength, beauty and resilience is an inspiration to me every day.

2.     Adding to this, you are going to meet so many people who are on different paths and it truly is so important that you accept them and be there for them.  You have no idea what anyone is going through or what kind of day the really have had. All you can do is be kind and respectful. Listening.  Listening is always a good idea.  Educate yourself on issues of sexuality, gender and mental health as just being around someone who understands, or is at least trying to can often be the biggest relief.

3.     There are going to be times where it all just gets a little too much.  When I feel that way sometimes all I need is to spend time by myself. It works wonders. You need to rejuvenate if your brain and your body are working too hard to keep you sane.  So just breath and take some time to just take a walk, read, write or even just to lie, a nap is also always a good idea (except if you have an essay due very shortly, get it done to the best of your ability, then chill. But take care of your health, literal and mental

4.     Grades are more important than parties. Work your bloomin arse off.  Your assignments come first. You are at university to get a degree, so work for it. Get your work done first and then go play that game of ring of fire. Less stressful that way. Trying to finish an essay whilst hungover and is due in an hour.  Worst feeling, so stressful.  Done it once in first year and never again.

5.     Adding on to that point. Do not feel pressured into drinking at university (or in general). Sometimes it is even more fun to laugh at all the silliness everyone gets up to.  Just do your own thing.

6.     Be neutral.  In your flat, there will most likely be a clash or personalities. However, I try my best to do this in all my friendship. Unless there is an obvious moral high ground, I tend to not take sides and just be supportive of all of my friends. But if you are the one in the fight, do not be afraid or too proud to admit when you are in the wrong or just being a dick because you were stressed, everyone is stressed. So do not take your anger out on anyone and apologise asap if you do.
7.     You can deal with a lot more shit than you think. In first year I suffered a lot with anxiety and OCD (if you want me to do a post about that and how I deal with those hurdles in my life let me know in the comments) and it was horrendous.  But it is just temporary, just breath. You can deal with it.

8.     You will get to know yourself in ways you did not think was possible; beliefs, sexuality, habits, tolerations, passions, and so much more. It’s exciting, let it happen. Getting to know yourself is an essential thing, it helps you cope with troubles.

9.     Savour everything. Enjoy everything. The tears, the heartache, the horrendously embarrassing photos on facebook from the night before., the late nights, the takeout food at 3am. It is all part of the experience. 

10.  HAVE FUN. Just enjoy being at university, it goes by way too fast and it is stressful as hell but it is insanely worthwhile.  My two bits of advice would be to do your own thing and work your arse off!

 I wanted to do this primarily as before I went back to university I was so excited to start but I was terrified that I would not like it.  But honestly do not worry, just breath!  Also if you are currently at university or have finished, how was your university experience, let’s get a conversation going to help those starting in September!

Love, Tay.

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