Monday, 11 July 2016


Getting away from your usual routine really frees your mind of all negativity and just embraces creativity. Your senses are on fire with your new surroundings and the beauty that you are breathing in.

One of my favourite places in the entire world in Canada. It is the place I feel most at home and most comfortable with myself.  However unfortunately for me I was born in the UK. My mothers’ side of the family lives out there (lucky bastards) and I have visited Canada often throughout my life, but in my eyes not often enough. 

A year ago I hopped on a plane to Vancouver with my family and left all my troubles in the UK.  Spending time with my family whilst touring BC and Alberta was the most amazing experience of my life to date. Seeing my family and I felt so alive and so fresh.  Canadians, you are lucky souls to live in such a glorious country. 

However, being away for a whole month gave me new insights, new perspectives, new experiences and I felt so new and alive. I had a lot of time to just consider my life and my circumstances at that time back in the UK and I came to many conclusions. 

  But first let me show you the beautiful country that is Cadana, particularly the west coast. Which included Vancouver, Whistler, Revelstock, Calgary, Fort MacLeod, Canmore, Banff, Golden, Lake Louise, Jasper, Kamloops, Vancouver Island - Victoria and then back to Vancouver.

Here are a few snaps I took of this beautiful country!

As you may tell, we visited a lot of places, Vancouver was probably my favourite, just beautiful, with the skyscrapers, the harbour and Stanley park.  Just being in Vancouver, I felt so creative and just the need to be happy and healthy in my life! I have come to the conclusion that after I have finished university I will be moving to Vancouver; it is where I feel like my heart belongs.

 I also had the ability to take part in the most thrilling activities of going horseback riding through the rockies, flyover Canada, white water rafting. Oh you Canadians, I do love you and your sensationally beautiful country so much.
Let me know in the comments where your favourite places are and why I would love to know.

Keep exploring,

Love, Tay.


  1. Oh it looks so cool there. I would love to travel to Canada as well but sadly I live in Austria and it's really expensive to get there.

    Love, kerstin

    1. Its so amazing, definately worth going! That just means you will have to come for longer so its worth it! hahA

      Love, Tay

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