Sunday, 3 July 2016


I am 20 years old now and the list has amended over the years.  Although I thought I would share that just some of those items, in no particular order.  But I do not think these things are out of the question, I can dream.  I will fight and do whatever I can to make my contribution to make this world a happier, more equal and safer world to live in.  Everyone can dream and everyone can do their part.
I think having a bucket list is an awesome thing to do.  It keeps your goals in check and it also satisfies my list making obsession. Bucket lists also help me have control over my life by preparing for my future full of possibilities. 

1. TRAVEL - see everywhere, open my eyes to the natural beauty that is all around me. If you want me to do a blog post of all the places I want to go and then document them when I do, I will. 

2. Write a book. Writing has always been a love of mine and its never too late to achieve your dreams.

3.Volunteer in Africa or India building houses or in an orphanage or helping in whatever way I can.

3. Volunteer in an animal shelter.

4.  Do my best to stop animal testing.

5. Get my university degree in English and Psychology.

6. Figure out what to do with my degree.

7. Live in Canada and spend time my extended family, preferably Vancouver.

8. Live with my best friends - in commencement 

9. Live in my own apartment and just create.

10.  Start my own business and be my own boss.

11. Be the best friend, girlfriend, daughter, sister I can be

12. Love everyone unconditionally 

13.  Never stop trying to deal with negativity in my life so it does not affect me as much long-term
14. Get control over my anxiety.

15.Stop comparing myself to my siblings, They are their own person and I am mine. 

16. Learn that no one is perfect and no one will every be but everyone is beautiful.

17. Have a family of my own and teach them everything I know and help them grow. 

18. Learn a new language fluently, possibly Italian and Spanish.  Then live in that country for a period of 6 months or so.

19. Learn more about the unbelievable strength of my mother and my sister.
20. Be happy and send it on.

Those are some items on my bucket list.  I view every day as chance to make it better than the day before to try and improve on areas you are struggling with. My dream is that everyone achieves their bucket lists and just forget all the negativity and be happy.

"And while I can think, while I can talk. While I can stand, while I can walk. While I can dream, please let my dream come true.  Right now, let it come true right now" .... or soon. 
-Elvis Presley (my love)

- Just do your best at achieving your own version of happiness.

Love, Tay.

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